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Apus Black Premium

New product

The set includes:

1. The compact aluminium frame.
2. A cradle and portable cradle’s hood.
3. Stroller seat and seat unit’s hood with a cover for feet.
4. A bag for accessories.
5. Mosquito net.
6. Raincover with a window that provides access to air.
7. Car seat (up to 13 kg) + adapters (set 3in1)*.
8. Airless front and rear wheels
9. Shopping basket
10. Cover for the cradle
11. Cover for stroller seat

More details

2 199,00 zł tax incl.

  • standard 2 in 1
  • with a child seat 3 in 1

Discover the features and benefits of the pushchair

Harmonious combination of design aesthetics and durability.

Comfortable carrycot

A spacious and safe carrycot has an external adjustment, thanks to which its backrest may be perfectly adapted to the age and needs of your child, and the delicate and soft colours inside do not attack with excessive stimuli, but calmly introduce them to the world of visual sensations.

Carrycot ventilation

A mesh hidden under the zipper ensures adequate air circulation inside the carrycot. It is a perfect solution especially when walking on a hot day.

Adjustable handlebar

A perfect solution that will allow you to adjust the angle of the handlebar, so you can take even a long walk without worrying about your wrists. Moreover, covering the handlebar with high‑quality eco‑leather makes it pleasant to touch and easy to keep clean.

Healthy basis

The mattress in the carrycot has a coconut filling known for its high antibacterial and antifungal properties; it does not cause allergic reactions. The mattress cover is made of a pleasant delicate fabric. It may be removed and washed.

Perfect match

Thanks to the several-step adjustment of the pushchair’s backrest, your child will be able to sit comfortably, relax, and even lie down and take a nap during the walk. Adjustable footrest provides comfort for little feet.

Always warm

A cooler day is no reason to give up the walk. The adjustable cover for the pushchair seat will protect your child from cold and wind.

Going forward or backward

When a baby is ready to sit, then the pushchair is the beginning of an adventure with exploring the world. You may assemble the comfortable and ergonomic seat forward-facing or backward-facing, depending on your and your child’s preferences.

Baby comfort

The possibility of ventilation of the pushchair seat will provide your child with additional comfort during the walk.

Smart brake

Thanks to the central braking system, you may easily and safely stop the entire pushchair with one move of your leg, and the non-slip brake pedal makes it quick and efficient.

Safe suspension

Your child will be provided with comfort and safety of travel thanks to cushioned construction with the wishbone suspension system, which will perfectly cope with even larger unevenness of the ground. Such construction is of great importance for the pushchair’s stability and control.

Gel wheels

Instead of an inner tube, the inside of the wheel is filled with a special gel, which means it cannot be punctured. This is the latest solution that will be perfect especially when walking on difficult surfaces, e.g. on sand, snow or in the forest, because the gel wheels perfectly absorb shock.
The pushchair’s excellent manoeuvrability is ensured by the fact that the front wheels rotate 360 degrees. You may also block them if you do not want to use this function.

Frame is the basis

The aluminium frame – the base of the entire pushchair – on the one hand, solid and durable, on the other, light and sophisticated. It is resistant to the weather conditions.

Unfolded stroller106x 117x 58.5 cm
Chassis62x 26x 51 cm, waga: 5.6 kg
Cradle with open cradle’s hood79x 21x 36 cm, waga: 4.7 kg
Stroller88x33 cm, waga: 5,0 kg
Car seat66x41x45 cm, waga: 5,7 kg
Weight of wheels3,4 kg